Exercices modaux anglais

Exercices sur les modaux en anglais

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Rappel: les modaux en anglais sont:

  • au présent: can, may, must, will, shall
  • au prétérit: could, might, must, would, should

Exercice 1

Choisissez entre ‘can’, ‘can’t’, ‘could’ ou ‘couldn’t’. Si ce n’est pas possible, utilisez ‘be able to’ au temps qui convient:

  1.  you swim when you were 8?
  2. We  get to the meeting on time yesterday, because the plane was delayed by one hour.
  3. He  arrive at the concert on time, even after missing the subway.
  4. Tom is amazing, he  speak six languages, including Japanese.
  5. I  drive a car until I was 35. Then I moved to the USA, so I had to learn..
  6. I looked everywhere for my keys but I  find them anywhere.
  7. I searched for your apartment for ages. luckily I  find it in the end.
  8. She’s six years old, but she  read yet. Her parents are getting her extra lessons.
  9. I saw the movie four times, but I  understand it.
  10. Sam  speak Chinese when he lived in Shanghai, but he’s forgotten most of it now.
  11. I  understand the page we had to read for homework. It was too difficult.
  12. I  lift this table – it’s too heavy! Would you help me?
  13. Linda  make it to our party after all. She’s stuck in traffic.
  14. Tony  play soccer really well. He’s champion of his club.
  15. Unfortunately, I really  sing at all.
  16. When the taxi broke down I was really pleased because I  solve the problem.
  17. Kevin  play excellent golf when he was only nine.
  18. My grandfather  use a computer until last week.
  19. I  open this window! I think it’s stuck.
  20. Brad  play the guitar. He has never studied it.

Exercice 2

Choisissez la bonne réponse: 

  1.  you speak French? – Only a few words, but my Spanish is pretty good. (Can / Could)
  2.  you help me move this box? (Can / Could)
  3. I  read already before I was four years old. (could / should / would)
  4. I  help you, but I don’t want to. (can / could / would)
  5.  you open the door, please. (Can / May)
  6. I  move the box. It was too heavy. (couldn’t / mustn’t / shouldn’t / wouldn’t)
  7. You  not put your feet on the table. (must not / do not have to)
  8. If you continue to practise so hard, you  beat me before too long! (can / could / will be able to)
  9.   you swim? (Are you able to / Can)
  10. You  eat so much cookies. (don’t have to / mustn’t / shouldn’t)
  11. I’m afraid I  play basketball tomorrow. (can’t / couldn’t / would not be able to)
  12. You can come to the concert if you want but you  . (have to / don’t have to / mustn’t)
  13. What do you want to do? – Well, we  have a barbecue, but it looks like rain. (can / could / should / would)
  14. I’m so hungry I  eat ten hamburgers! (can / could / must / should)
  15. The exam starts at 9.30. You  be late. (don’t have to / mustn’t)
  16. Why didn’t you tell me? I  you! (could help / could have helped / was able to help / would help)
  17. How did you do in the test? – Ok. It  worse! (could be / could have been / might be / would have been)
  18. He  broken the window. He wasn’t even at home today. (couldn’t have / mustn’t / shouldn’t have)
  19. You  tired. You’ve only just got out of bed! (don’t have to be / can’t be / mustn’t be)
  20. Kevin  be very pleased with herself. He got the best grades. (has to / must / cannot)

Correction exercice 1

  1. Could
  2. couldn’t
  3. was able to
  4. can
  5. couldn’t
  6. couldn’t
  7. was able to
  8. can’t
  9. couldn’t
  10. could
  11. can’t
  12. can’t
  13. can
  14. can’t
  15. was able to
  16. could
  17. couldn’t
  18. can’t
  19. can’t

Correction exercice 2

  1. can
  2. could
  3. could
  4. could
  5. can
  6. couldn’t
  7. must not
  8. will be able to
  9. can
  10. shouldn’t
  11. can’t
  12. don’t have to
  13. could
  14. could
  15. mustn’t
  16. could have helped
  17. could have been
  18. couldn’t have
  19. can’t be
  20. must

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