Exercice modaux anglais

Exercices sur les modaux en anglais

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Rappel: les modaux en anglais sont:

  • au présent: can, may, must, will, shall
  • au prétérit: could, might, must, would, should

Exercice 1

Trouvez le verbe modal qui convient (il peut être à la forme négative):

  1. It’s a hospital. You  smoke.
  2. He had been working for more than 11 hours. He  be tired after such hard work. He  prefer to get some rest.
  3. My mum said we  eat this pizza if we want to. But we  leave it if we don’t want to.
  4.  you stand on your hands for more than a minute? No, I  .
  5. If you want to learn to speak English fluently, you  to work hard.
  6. Take an umbrella. It  rain later.
  7. People  walk on the grass.
  8. Drivers  stop when the traffic lights are red.
  9.  I ask a question? Yes, of course.
  10.  you speak Italian? No, I  .

Exercice 2

Choisissez la bonne réponse:

1. I didn’t feel very well yesterday. I  eat anything.
cannot /  couldn’t / mustn’t

2. You  look at me when I am talking to you.
could / should / would

3. I was using my phone a minute ago. It  be here somewhere!
can / could / must / would

4. You really  be late again.
must not / don’t have to

5. If you don’t start working harder, you  repeat the course next year.
have to / must / will have to

6. He’s always  to do whatever he wants by his parents.
been able / been allowed

7. Call her now. She  home by now.
has to be / must be / would be

8. You   forget your sunglasses. It’s going to be very sunny outside!
don’t have to / mustn’t / needn’t

9. I  be able to take you to the airport, but I’m not sure yet.
might / would

10. We  pay to get in the museum, it was free.
needn’t / didn’t need to

11. You  have to learn spanish to get this job.

could / may / should / would

12. Bags  not be left unattended.
can / must / may

13. I really  try to get fit.
may / must / would

14.  take a picture of you?
May I / Am I allowed to

15. Customers  rent 3 DVD’s at any time.
are allowed to / could

16. Whose is this bag? – I don’t know, but it   belong to Linda.
could / may / should / would

17.  I go to the bathroom, please?
May / Must / Would

18. His excuse  be true, but I don’t believe.
can / may

19. It’s very important to  speak more than one language.
can / be able to

20. I don’t like  get up early on a Sunday.
being able to / being allowed to / having to

Correction exercice 1

  1. mustn’t
  2. must / may
  3. can / can
  4. Can / can’t
  5. need
  6. might
  7. mustn’t
  8. must
  9. May
  10. Can / can’t

Correction exercice 2

  1. couldn’t
  2. should
  3. must
  4. must not
  5. will have to
  6. been allowed
  7. must be
  8. mustn’t
  9. might
  10. didn’t need to
  11. may
  12. must
  13. must
  14. May I
  15. are allowed to
  16. may
  17. May
  18. may
  19. be able to
  20. having to

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