Exercice anglais modaux

Exercices sur les modaux en anglais

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Rappel: les modaux en anglais sont:

  • au présent: can, may, must, will, shall
  • au prétérit: could, might, must, would, should

Exercices sur les verbes modaux d’obligation:

Exercice 1

Remplir avec ‘mustn’t‘ ou ‘don’t / doesn’t have to‘:

  1. We have a lot of work tomorrow. You  be late.
  2. You  tell anyone what I just told you. It’s a secret.
  3. The entrance is free. You  pay to get in.
  4. Children  tell lies.
  5. Sam is rich. He  go to work.
  6.  do my washing because my mother does it for me.
  7. We  rush. We’ve got plenty of time.
  8. You  smoke inside the hospital.
  9. You can borrow my new car, but you  break it.
  10. We  miss the plane, otherwise we can not go to London.
  11. He  do this work today, he can do it tomorrow.
  12.  clean the house today because I did it yesterday.
  13. We  forget to lock all the doors before we leave.
  14. We  stay in a hotel in Paris; we can stay with my sister.
  15.  spend too much money today, as I’ve only got a little left.
  16. They  get up early today, because it’s Sunday.
  17.  eat too much cheeseburgers or I’ll get fat!
  18. We  be late for the exam.
  19. You  tidy up the room now. I’ll do it later.
  20. He  cook tonight because he’s going to a restaurant.

Exercice 2

Choisir le modal qui convient:

  1. I have no idea about cars, but Simon  help you.
    could / might be able to / would
  2. I had some problems repairing my computer by myself, but in the end I  do it without help.
    could / was able to
  3. The restaurant was full. I  find a seat anywhere.
    couldn’t / wasn’t able to
  4. You  told me it was Tina’s birthday. I would have bought her a present.
    might have / must have / would have
  5. Do you think we  take photos inside the museum?
    are allowed to / may
  6. Don’t call her now. She  have finished work yet.
    might not / should not / would not
  7. It  be easy for Linda. She lost her job last month.
    can’t / mustn’t / shouldn’t / wouldn’t
  8. Where is Lea now? – She  late. She has a important report to finish.
    might be working / might work / must work / could work
  9. I  remember to buy bread on the way home.
    have to / must
  10. I met Lady Gaga last night at the party. – You  be joking!
    could / must / ought to / would
  11. She’s in hospital with a head injury. She  wearing her seatbelt!
    can’t have been / could be / must have been / would have been
  12. I  buy a new car, this one keeps breaking down.
    have to / must
  13. How are things? – Not bad. They  worse!
    could be / could have been / would be
  14. The test starts at 9.30. You  be here until 9.15, but you can come earlier if you want.
    mustn’t / needn’t
  15. You  tell me what she said. I really want to know.
    have to / must
  16. Dad said that you  let me use your bike.
    have to / must
  17. Why were you late? You  be here at 20.00!
    should / ought to / were supposed to
  18. There was so much rain that I  see the road!
    couldn’t / wasn’t able to
  19. She was so drunk that I  understand what she was saying!
    couldn’t / wasn’t able to
  20. I  leave now, I have another important meeting.
    have to / must

Correction exercice 1

  1. mustn’t
  2. mustn’t
  3. don’t have to
  4. mustn’t
  5. doesn’t have to
  6. don’t have to
  7. don’t have to
  8. mustn’t
  9. mustn’t
  10. mustn’t
  11. doesn’t have to
  12. don’t have to
  13. mustn’t
  14. mustn’t
  15. don’t have to
  16. mustn’t
  17. mustn’t
  18. don’t have to
  19. doesn’t have to

Correction exercice 2

  1. might be able to
  2. was able to
  3. couldn’t
  4. might have
  5. are allowed to
  6. might not
  7. can’t
  8. might be working
  9. must
  10. must
  11. can’t have been
  12. must
  13. could be
  14. needn’t
  15. must
  16. have to
  17. were supposed to
  18. couldn’t
  19. couldn’t
  20. have to

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