Exercices modaux anglais

Exercices modaux anglaisExercices sur les modaux en anglais

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Rappel: les modaux en anglais sont:

au présent: can, may, must, will, shall

au prétérit: could, might, must, would, should

Exercice 1

Choisissez la bonne réponse:

  1.  ask her out to dinner if I had the courage.
  2. You  get an Ipad, it’s very useful.
  3. I’ve got an exam on Monday so I  stay in this weekend.
  4.  either go on holiday to Italy or buy a new car.
  5. You  really buy a travel guide before you go to Mexico.
  6. I think my sister  live in Paris if she could get a good job there.
  7. In your situation, I  consider going abroad.
  8. If you forget your girlfriend’s birthday, you  call her and say sorry.
  9. She  phone her family at least twice a week.
  10. If I had the money, I  travel to Japan.

Exercice 2

Choisissez la réponse correcte pour exprimer l’idée spécifiée entre parenthèses.

  1. Whose computer is this? – I am not sure, it  be Tom’s. (possibilité)
    might / must / should / would
  2. He  home yesterday because his daughter was sick. (nécessité)
    could have stayed / had to stay / must have stayed / should have stayed
  3. You  leave school at 2:30 this afternoon. (permission)
    can / could / might / will
  4. Though he was sick, he  go the the soccer game. (capacité)
    could / might / should / was able to
  5. The restrooms look clean. You  wash them. (absence de nécessité)
    can’t / don’t have to / mustn’t / are not to
  6. You  disturb her during her homeworks! (l’interdiction)
    could not / don’t have to / must not / should not
  7. Whose bag is this? – It  be Samantha’s. I think I saw her carrying a blue bag like this one. (forte probabilité)
    might / could / must / would
  8. I don’t believe it. It  be true. (impossibilité)
    can’t / mustn’t / shouldn’t / wouldn’t
  9. You don’t look well. You  see a doctor. (donner un conseil)
    are to / could / need to / should
  10. lending me your car tomorrow? (requête polie)
    Can you / Could you / Would you / Would you mind

Exercice 3

Choisissez la bonne réponse pour exprimer la capacité:

  1. Tina  speak five languages.
    may / can / could / has to
  2. Nicolas  speak only English and Spanish.
    may / can / could / has to
  3. Kevin’s teacher says that he  play the piano pretty well in half a year.
    can / could / will be able to / will have to
  4. I  meet her at the train station tomorrow.
    can / could / should / would
  5. I’m sure that Thomas  explain everything when he returns.
    can / could / will be able to / will have to
  6. My cat  very high when he was younger.
    could jump / could have jumped / might be able to jump / might have been able to jump
  7. One of the fishes  get out of the aquarium.
    could / might / was able to / had to
  8. Several criminals  escape from the prison.
    could / might / managed to / had to
  9. I wanted to talk to Sylvia yesterday, but I  find her.
    didn’t / might not / wouldn’t / couldn’t
  10. Anyone  make a mistake.
    may / can / could / is able to

Correction exercice 1

  1. would
  2. should
  3. should
  4. could
  5. should
  6. would
  7. would
  8. should
  9. should
  10. would

Correction exercice 2

  1. might
  2. had to stay
  3. can
  4. was able to
  5. don’t have to
  6. must not
  7. must
  8. can’t
  9. should
  10. Would you mind

Correction exercice 3

  1. can
  2. can
  3. will be able to
  4. can
  5. will be able to
  6. could jump
  7. was able to
  8. managed to
  9. couldn’t
  10. can

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