Exercices voix passive anglais

Exercices voix passive anglais

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Exercice 1

Choisissez la réponse correcte:

1.    The building  by a great architect.

a)    Is being built
b)    Has being built
c)    Is been built
d)    Is being building

2.    The castle 

a)    Has captured
b)    Has been captured
c)    Was been captured
d)    Had captured

3.    The director  for his movie.

a)    Was been rewarded
b)    Has been rewarded
c)    Had rewarded
d)    Has been rewarding

4.    It   that honesty is the best policy.

a)    Was said
b)    Is said
c)    Is being said
d)    Has said

5.    Promises should  

a)    Be kept
b)    Be keeping
c)    Have kept
d)    Have been keeping

6.    It is time for the match  

a)    To play
b)    To be played
c)    Is played
d)    Has been played

7.    I expect her   by you.

a)    To be helped
b)    To help
c)    To have been helped
d)    Should be helped

8.    I want the work  by 1pm.

a)    To finish
b)    To be finished
c)    Be finished
d)    To have been finished

9.    He  by his own family.

a)    Is been deceived
b)    Is being deceived
c)    Has being deceived
d)    Is deceiving

10.    The plan  by the Government.

a)    Has approved
b)    Has been approved
c)    Is been approved
d)    Had approved

11.    Have my orders  by you?

a)    Been carried out
b)    Be carried out
c)    Was carried out
d)    Being carried out

12.    The story was strongly 

a)    Listened to
b)    Been listened to
c)    Been listening to
d)    Listening to

13.    By whom was this song 

a)    Been written
b)    Written
c)    Have been written
d)    Wrote

14.    Do not  by the challenge.

a)    Be daunted
b)    Been daunted
c)    Daunted
d)    Daunt

15.    Australia  by the Dutch.

a)    Was discovered
b)    Discovered
c)    Had discovered
d)    Has discovered

16.    The tree  during the typhoon.

a)    Uprooted
b)    Was uprooted
c)    Had uprooted
d)    Has uprooted

17.    Your tax dollars  by the Government.

a)    Are spent
b)    Are spend
c)    Was spent
d)    Have spend

18.    The injured  home by helicopter.

a)    Was carried
b)    Were carried
c)    Have carried
d)    Had carried

Exercice 2

Mettez ces phrases de la forme active à la forme passive:

  1. The lion killed the goat. => 
  2. The farmer cut down the trees. => 
  3. Vasco de Gama discovered India. => 
  4. The minister of science praised the scientist for his discovery. => 
  5. The famer feeds the pigs every day. => 
  6. My parents will give me a present. => 
  7. I will conquer this country. => 
  8. She kept him waiting. => 
  9. People jam-packed the streets. => 
  10. Our friends will blame us. => 
  11. The storm blew down the trees. => 
  12. The police caught the murderers. => 
  13. Tina posted the letter. => 
  14. The manager received us. => 
  15. Somebody killed the spider with a stick. => 
  16. The people welcomed the minister. => 
  17. They found him guilty of robbery. => 
  18. The French built this castle in 1750. => 

Correction exercice 1

1.    Is being built
2.    Has been captured
3.    Has been rewarded
4.    Is said
5.    Be kept
6.    To be played
7.    To be helped
8.    To be finished
9.    Is being deceived
10.    Has been approved
11.    Been carried out
12.    Listened to
13.    Written
14.    Be daunted
15.    Was discovered
16.    Was uprooted
17.    Are spent
18.    Were carried

Correction exercice 2

  1. The goat was killed by the lion.
  2. The trees were cut down by the farmer.
  3. India was discovered by Vasco de Gama.
  4. The scientist was praised by the Minister of Science for his discovery.
  5. The pigs are fed by the farmer everyday.
  6. I will be given a present by my parents. / A present will be given to me by my parents.
  7. This country will be conquered by me.
  8. He was kept waiting (by her).
  9. The streets were jam-packed with people.
  10. We will be blamed by our friends.
  11. The trees were blown down by the storm.
  12. The murderers were caught by the police.
  13. The letter was posted by Tina.
  14. We were received by the manager.
  15. The spider was killed with a stick by somebody.
  16. The minister was welcomed by the people.
  17. He was found guilty of robbery.
  18. This castle was built by the French in 1750.

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