Exercice voix passive anglais pdf

Exercice voix passive anglais

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Exercice 1

Réécrivez les phrases suivantes à la voix passive:


Everybody loves him. => He is loved by everybody.

  1. He wrote an interesting book. => 
  2. Ms Mendez teaches us Spanish. => 
  3. The teacher helped her. => 
  4. The ambulance took the injured to the hospital. => 
  5. An typhoon destroyed the city. => 
  6. The girl’s work pleased the teacher. => 
  7. The earthquake damaged the building. => 
  8. Who taught you Japanese? => 
  9. The boss will give you a ticket. => 
  10. The hunter shot the tiger. => 
  11. An old woman opened the door. => 
  12. The boy threw the stone. => 
  13. His behavior vexes me. => 
  14. Actions reveal a person’s character. => 
  15. He made an incredible discovery. => 

Exercice 2

Les phrases suivantes sont à la voix passive ou active ?

  1. The girl killed the insect with a shoe. => 
  2. He gave me a nice gift. => 
  3. The hunter was bitten by the wolf. => 
  4. The boy flew a kite. => 
  5. The thunder frightened the kids. => 
  6. He is loved by everybody. => 
  7. The museum was opened by the President. => 
  8. The dog chased the rabbit. => 
  9. The letter was posted yesterday. => 
  10. The man drank all the water. => 
  11. The ball struck me on the head. => 
  12. I have just received his email. => 
  13. Somebody has put the dog in. => 
  14. The key was lost. => 
  15. We are waiting for the train. => 

Exercice 3

Complétez les phrases suivantes en utilisant la voix active ou passive à la forme qui convient:

1. Blankets  among the poor.
a) were distributing
b) distributed
c) were distributed

2. Five bullets  from his body.
a) had removed
b) had been removed
c) removed

3. The invitation  by the President.
a) has accepted
b) has been accepted
c) accepted

4. Seats  for the customers.
a) were reserving
b) had reserved
c) had been reserved

5. They  the party on time.
a) had been started
b) were starting
c) had started

6. He  the truth from his family.
a) hidden
b) had hidden
c) had been hidden

7. Nothing  in the house.
a) had left
b) had been left
c) left

8. The project  by us.
a) will undertake
b) will be undertaken
c) undertook

Correction exercice 1

  1. An interesting book was written by him.
  2. We are taught Spanish by Ms Mendez.
  3. She was helped by the teacher.
  4. The injured were taken to the hospital by the ambulance.
  5. The city was destroyed by a typhoon.
  6. The teacher was pleased with the girl’s work.
  7. The building was damaged by the earthquake.
  8. By whom were you taught Japanese?
  9. You will be given a ticket by the boss.
  10. The tiger was shot by the hunter.
  11. The door was opened by aold woman.
  12. The stone was thrown by the boy.
  13. I am vexed by his behavior.
  14. A person’s character is revealed by his/her actions.
  15. An incredible discovery was made by him.

Correction exercice 2

  1. Killed – active
  2. Gave – active
  3. Was bitten – passive
  4. Flew – active
  5. Frightened – active
  6. Is loved – passive
  7. Was opened – passive
  8. Chased – active
  9. Was posted – passive
  10. Drank – active
  11. Struck – active
  12. Have received – active
  13. Has put – active
  14. Was lost – passive
  15. Are waiting – active

Correction exercice 3

  1. Blankets were distributed among the poor.
  2. Five bullets had been removed from his body.
  3. The invitation has been accepted by the President.
  4. Seats had been reserved for the customers.
  5. They had started the party on time.
  6. He had hidden the truth from his family.
  7. Nothing had been left in the house.
  8. The project will be undertaken by us.

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