For ou since – exercice

For ou since

Since est le point de départ (one o’clock, last Tuesday, 2010)
For est pour la durée (ten minutes, three days, five year)

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Choisissez entre For et Since:

  1. He has been working  he was seventeen.
  2. I have known him  ages.
  3. I’ve been on holiday  June.
  4. I have worked for this company  ten years.
  5. He has been learning piano  five years.
  6. We haven’t heard anything from her  Thursday.
  7.  how long have you been waiting?
  8. I have been waiting here  fifteen minutes.
  9. I have been waiting  ages.
  10.  when have you been learning chinese?
  11. I’ve been living here  the last for years.
  12. Tom has been studying Spanish  a long time
  13. Yesterday I studied  four hours
  14. I haven’t seen you  last week
  15. I have been living in London  last November.
  16. She has been a lawyer  2005
  17. Sam has been married  six years
  18.  he came here I’ve been very nervous
  19. I’ve lived here  2010
  20. I’ve lived here  four years.
  21. They have been living in Paris  2005.
  22. He has been in jail  five years.
  23. He has known about that  a long time.
  24. My brother has been very ill  the last month.
  25. I haven’t eaten anything  two days.
  26. I have been playing video games  hours.
  27. Yuji has been teaching in Osaka  three years.
  28. I haven’t emailed him  a week.
  29. He has been the mayor of our city  2006.
  30. Sam has been learning Japanese  two years.

Correction exercice

  1. since
  2. for
  3. since
  4. for
  5. for
  6. since
  7. For
  8. for
  9. for
  10. Since
  11. for
  12. for
  13. for
  14. for
  15. since
  16. since
  17. since
  18. for
  19. for
  20. since
  21. since
  22. for
  23. for
  24. since
  25. for
  26. for
  27. for
  28. for
  29. since
  30. for

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