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Exercice 1

Faire une phrase affirmative, négative ou interrogative en utilisant ‘used to + infinitif

  1.  Tom / study German.
  2. I / not / hate soccer.
  3. We / go to the mountain every winter?
  4. She / not / smoke.
  5. I / play tennis when I was at school.
  6. I / live in a flat when I was a child.
  7. She / play tennis every weekend?
  8. They both / have long hair.
  9. He / love drinking beer, but now he hates it.
  10. He / be able to speak Japanese, but he has forgotten it all.

Exercice 2

Complétez les phrases avec ‘used to’ à la forme correcte:

  1. Carl   (have) a Xbox, now he has a Playstation.
  2. She’s very busy. She   (not be) so busy before.
  3. I’ll have   (work) regular hours at my new workplace.
  4. It is difficult for Tina to drive in Australia. She   (drive) on the left-hand side of the road.
  5. When Sam was young, she   (ride) a bicycle to school.
  6. People from Thailand usually     (eat) spicy food.
  7. Computers   (be) very expensive but now they are cheap.
  8. Simon   (speak) English when he travels to Canada.
  9. When I was a kid, I   (spend) a lot of time with my sisters.
  10. Tom   (think) that he would never   (live) in Paris.

Exercice 3

Choisissez le mot correct

1. I couldn’t   used to the place.
– because
– get

2. I   to being spoken to like that!
– am not used
– don’t get used
– used

3. Before I started cycling, I   go to work by car.
– used to
– got used to
– was used to

4. She never   behave like that.
– used
– used to
– was used to

5. It’s taking me a long time to   speaking Japanese.
– used to
– get used to

6. I   play tennis on Sundays when I was at school.
– was used to
– used to

7. I like it now, but I  .
– didn’t use to
– didn’t used to

8. I find it hard   to the food in England.
– used
– get used
– to get used

9. I haven’t studied for ages but I’m finding it easy to get used to   every day.
– study
– studied
– studying

10. She used to    fat but now she’s thin.
– be
– being

11. She isn’t used to   in these conditions.
– work
– working

12. How did he get used to   in this new company?
– work
– working
– do work

13. Did she   go to the club when she was young?
– use to
– used to
– uses to

14. We need some time to get used to   in this country.
– live
– living

15. Tina used to   a doctor before he became a famous artist.
– be
– being
– do

16. I’m not used to   my car by hand.
– wash
– washing
– do washing

17. I’ll get used to    in Australia very quickly.
– live
– living

18. My brother didn’t   drink much alcohol.
– use to
– uses to
– used to

19. There used to   a lot of birds in this park.
– be
– being

20. It took him a while to get used to   on a computer keyboard.
– type
– typing

Correction exercice 1

  1. Tom used to study German.
  2. I didn’t use to hate soccer.
  3. Did we use to go to the mountain every winter?
  4. She didn’t use to smoke.
  5. I used to play tennis when I was at school.
  6. I used to live in a flat when I was a child.
  7. Did she use to play tennis every weekend?
  8. They both used to have long hair.
  9. He used to love drinking beer but now he hates it.
  10. He used to be able to speak Japanese, but he has forgotten it all.

Correction exercice 2

  1. used to have
  2. didn’t use to be
  3. to get used to working
  4. isn’t used to driving
  5. used to ride
  6. are used to eating
  7. used to be
  8. is used to speaking
  9. used to spend
  10. used to think – get used to living

Correction exercice 3

  1. get
  2. am not used
  3. used to
  4. used to
  5. get used to
  6. used to
  7. didn’t use to
  8. to get used
  9. studying
  10. be
  11. working
  12. working
  13. use to
  14. living
  15. be
  16. washing
  17. living
  18. use to
  19. be
  20. typing

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