Exercice superlatif anglais

Exercice superlatif anglais

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Exercice 1

Choisissez la bonne réponse:

1.    He arrived  than I expected.
a)    Later
b)    Latter

2.    The  part of the movie is more interesting than the former part.
a)    Later
b)    Latter

3.    I have an  brother.
a)    Elder
b)    Older

4.    Sam is  than Katty by three years.
a)    Older
b)    Elder

5.    Kenny is the  of my brother’s four sons.
a)    Eldest
b)    Oldest

6.    I can’t walk any 
a)    Further
b)    Farther

7.    I prefer the  painting to the former.
a)    Later
b)    Latter

8.    No  explanation was given.
a)    Farther
b)    Further

9.    The  movie from Spielberg is very good.
a)    Latest
b)    Last

10.    The  Mayor was a very nice guy.
a)    Last
b)    Latest

11.    This is the  supermarket to my house.
a)    Next
b)    Nearest

12.    The post office is  to my house.
a)    Nearest
b)    Next

13.    He is the  of the two brothers.
a)    Elder
b)    Eldest

14.    The  building in town is the Library.
a)    Oldest
b)    Eldest

Exercice 2

Faites une comparaison en utilisant l’adjectif ou l’adverbe entre parenthèses au comparatif ou superlatif:

  1. Tina is 35, Sarah is 30. (old)
  2. Mr Simpson looks happy. Mr Flanders never smiles. (happy)
  3. I don’t like documentaries. I prefer movies. (good)
  4. Tom can jump 2 metres, but Kenny can only jump 1. (high)
  5. Paris is 600 km from here. Marseille is 100 km away. (far)
  6. I got up at 8am, but she didn’t get up till 9am. (early)
  7. The coat cost me 25 €. I got the pant fot 20 €. (expensive)
  8. Unemployment is 5% in the USA, and 12% in France. (high).

Correction exercice 1

  1. Later
  2. Latter
  3. Elder
  4. Older
  5. Eldest
  6. Farther/further
  7. Latter
  8. Further
  9. Latest
  10. Last
  11. Nearest
  12. Next
  13. Elder
  14. Oldest

Correction exercice 2

  1. Tina is older than Sarah.
  2. Mr Simpson looks happier than Mr Flanders.
  3. Movies are better than documentaries.
  4. Tom can jump higher than Kenny.
  5. Paris further from here than Marseille.
  6. I got up earlier than her.
  7. The coat was more expensive than the pant
  8. Unemployment is higher in France than is the USA.

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