Exercice conjugaison anglais 1

Exercice conjugaison anglais: le présent

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Exercice 1

Choisissez la bonne réponse (utilisez ‘going to’): 

  1. Sam  the books from the library. (to collect)
  2.  our train? (we/to miss)
  3. I  in this dirty bed. (not/to sleep)
  4. When   the table in the restaurant? (you/to book)
  5. He  here any longer. (not/to stay)
  6.  the wallet? (the man/to steal)
  7. My parents  the hall in pink. (not/to paint)
  8. Why  this Saturday? (they/to work)
  9.  the table? (you/to lay)
  10. The players  the ball. (not/to throw)

Exercice 2

Mettez les phrases à la forme négative du présent:

  1. They play soccer every week. => They  soccer every week.
  2. Tom is nice. => Tom  nice.
  3. This bike makes a lot of noise. => This bike  a lot of noise.
  4. I like tennis. => I  tennis.
  5. We are from Spain. => We from Spain.
  6. You wear shorts. => You  shorts.
  7. They speak French. => They  French.
  8. He watches movies. => He  movies.
  9. I am from Spain. => I from Spain.
  10. Steve draws nice pictures. => Steve nice pictures.

Correction exercice 1

  1. I have answered seven SMS so far.
  2. She has been working since five o’clock.
  3. Sarah and her dad are baking a cake at the moment.
  4. Let’s ask John. He will probably know the answer.
  5. They will probably be watching a movie right now.
  6. She is well-informed about economy because she reads the newspaper every day.

Correction exercice 2

  1. Sam is going to collect the books from the library.
  2. Are we going to miss our train?
  3. I am not going to sleep in this dirty bed.
  4. When are you going to book the table in the restaurant?
  5. He is not going to stay here any longer.
  6. Is the man going to steal the wallet?
  7. My parents are not going to paint the hall in pink.
  8. Why are they going to work this Saturday?
  9. Are you going to lay the table?
  10. The players are not going to throw the ball.

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