Exercice anglais preterit 2

Exercice anglais preterit N°2

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Exercice 1

Mettez les verbes entre parenthèses au prétérit à la forme appropriée:

  1. He  some pie for his grandma. (make)
  2. They  (understand) why he did that.
  3. I   (hear) this song this morning on the radio.
  4. We  (speak) to them last week.
  5. She  (spend) a lot of money to get this car.
  6. We   (watch) TV for too long.
  7. My friend   (forget) his girlfriend’s birthday.
  8.  she  (lose) some weight?
  9. She  (give) him a nice present.
  10. When my dad  (tell) this sad story, I  (cry) a lot.
  11. Paul (choose)   to study abroad.
  12. John always (keep)   money in his pockets.
  13. We (drink)   a lot of beer yesterday.
  14. I (sleep)   on the couch last night.
  15. She (lend)   her 200$.

Exercice 2

Mettez les phrases à la forme négative du prétérit:

  1. I flew to Paris last week. → I  to Paris last week.
  2. You caught a cold. → You  a cold.
  3. Tina drew a comic book. → Tina  a comic book.
  4. We drove to the seaside. → We  to the seaside.
  5. He left a note for you. → He  a note for you.

Exercice 3

Faites des questions en vous aidant des mots entre parenthèses:

  1. (you/smoke)   a cigarette last night?
  2. (she/learn)   how to speak german?
  3. (Sam/speak)   with you already?
  4. (they/tell)   you about the accident?
  5. When (he/watch)   that movie?

Correction exercice 1

  1. made
  2. understood
  3. heard
  4. spoke
  5. spent
  6. watched
  7. forgot
  8. did / lose
  9. gave
  10. told/ cried
  11. chose
  12. kept
  13. drank
  14. slept
  15. lent

Correction exercice 2

  1. I did not fly to Paris last week.
  2. You did not catch a cold.
  3. Tina did not draw a comic book.
  4. We did not drive to the seaside
  5. He did not leave a note for you.

Correction exercice 3

  1. Did you smoke a cigarette last night?
  2. Did she learn how to speak german?
  3. Did Sam speak with you already?
  4. Did they tell you about the accident?
  5. When did he watch that movie?

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