Exercice conjugaison anglais 3

Exercice conjugaison anglais: le futur

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Exercice 1

Choisissez la bonne réponse: 

  1. The bus  at 9:20.
  2. Wait! I  you.
  3. As we want to improve in Math, we  harder in the future.
  4. Sam  to the party with his friends tonight.
  5. I am afraid they  everything by the time we arrive.

Exercice 2

Complétez les phrases au futur avec will: 

1) Wednesday it  in the South. (to rain)
2) My friend  30 next Tuesday. (to be)
3) Wait a minute. I  a word with you. (to have)
4) She  her dad next week. (to contact)
5) I think you  this job. (to get)
6) They  at about 5 pm. (to arrive)
7) The teacher  this exercise. (to explain)
8) He  the bottle of beer. (to drop)
9) Lots of strange things  in that place. (to happen)
10) She  if you show her the mouse. (to scream)

Correction exercice 1

  1. The bus arrives at 9:20.
  2. Wait! I will help you.
  3. As we want to improve in Math, we are going to study harder in the future.
  4. Sam is going to the party with his friends tonight.
  5. I am afraid they will have eaten everything by the time we arrive.

Correction exercice 2

  1. Wednesday it will rain in the South.
  2. My friend will be 30 next Tuesday.
  3. Wait a minute. I will have a word with you.
  4. She will contact her dad next week.
  5. I think you will get this job.
  6. They will arrive at about 5 pm.
  7. The teacher will explain this exercise.
  8. He will drop the bottle of beer.
  9. Lots of strange things will happen in that place.
  10. She will scream if you show her the mouse.


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